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Code reduction gazon direct

code reduction gazon direct

million tons of DRI per year has a shaft furnace with an internal diameter.5 m and capability to produce more than 275 tons per hour. Hence, the product of the furnace can be discharged as cdri, hdri, HBI or any combination simultaneously. For the production of cdri, the reduced iron is cooled and carburized by the counter-flowing cooling gas at the lower portion of the shaft furnace. Typical consumption of oxygen for this improvement is in the range of 12 N cum/ton to 15 N cum/ton. This serves to minimize the temperature increase of the gas entering the shaft furnace and provides for additional opportunity to increase production. This was achieved through oxygen (O2) combustion of the gas.

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There are four discharge options (Fig 1) are available for Midrex process. The DRI can also be discharged hot either as hdri or fed to a briquetting machine to produce HBI. This permits the plant operator to maximize the performance of the shaft furnace by maximizing the utilization of the reducing gases within the furnace. Direct Dial to Voicemail message type. O2 injection designs these days consist of the introduction of high purity O2 into the flowing hot reducing gas stream through a multiple nozzle arrangement. Elements Unit HBI cdri hdri 1 Fe Metallic Fe Total Metallization. 5.001-0.03.001-0.03.001-0.03 7 Al2O3 SiO2. 8 Bulk density t/Cum.4. DRI is successfully manufactured in various parts of the world. FeO CO Fe CO2 (Exothermic reaction). Reduction by CO, fe2O3 3CO 2Fe 3CO2 (Overall reaction) 3Fe2O3 CO 2Fe3O4 CO2 (Exothermic reaction). In the furnace it is contacted by upward flowing high temperature reducing gas, heated and converted to DRI. Component Unit Inlet Outlet 1 H CO CO H2O 13 6 5 CH N2 1 1 7 Temperature Deg C 580 980 Typical environmental control parameters are at Tab.

This blended mixed gas is heated and passed through catalyst filled tubes. Fig 1 Principle of reduction process using reducing gas. The shaft furnace is a packed bed reactor with counter-current flow of the reactant. Donald Beggs concept of combining stoichiometric natural gas reforming with shaft furnace direct reduction of iron ore was a breakthrough innovation which has stood the test of time.

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