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Code reduction edition 365

code reduction edition 365

Generally, competition for feed can be reduced by providing horses in groups with multiple feeding sites (whether buckets or boxes) (4). Refer to the above explanation of tethers.

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Recommended practices get advice from a knowledgeable and experienced horseperson on the first introduction of horses segregate horses into compatible groups. 8.2 Loading and Unloading The requirements for loading and unloading procedures and equipment as described in the Health of Animals Regulations must be complied with.1 Mares and jennets must not be transported if they are likely to give birth during the trip. The use of doorways built for human passage is not ideal for horses and is discouraged ensure entrances used by horses are at least.5cm (1ft) above head height when the horse is in a normal standing posture. They serve as our national understanding of animal care requirements and recommended practices. Infected animals are identified by a positive blood test (the official test is known as the Coggins test). Codes should be reviewed at least every five years following publication and updated at least every ten years. Field of Vision :2 When looking to the side, horses have monocular vision (each eye can operate independently). Refer to the above information on options for assessing ammonia concentration.

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