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Vendre code promo

vendre code promo

create new promo codes. During a first setup, at this point the vendor is ready to be configured and not yet ready to be used. Amazon Black Friday 2018 : la semaine des folies! By clicking on the vendors name the details page for that specific vendor will load, and will look like this one: MD Vendor System Vendors details The page is divided into two tabs: transactions list and settings ; the first one contains the complete list. Double purchase: when the avoid double purchases option is enabled on the vendor and a user purchases a product that was previously purchased from the same avatar, then the transaction is canceled and the payer avatar is refunded by the amount paid. MD Vendor System Online Services HUD Once attached the HUD, there are 2 simple steps to follow: Click on the user icon of the HUD, and type a password for the Online Services login. The tips panel contains a few hints and links to other user manuals and two special links, each one giving access to a specific feature. Clicking on this option owner will have to submit the new vendor time in seconds which will be immediately applied.

When no more items are available the vendor is automatically set on sold out and the owner will receive a notification. Hover Text : this option when active displays the hover text over the vendor; this text contains useful suggestion and shows the vendors status. . Ignore : this toggle once enable let the updater skip from the update vendors which are already running the latest version of MD Vendor System. It includes some advanced features such as mass redelivery. Role : the devices role, which can be either server (if the device hosts the product in its content) or client (if the device connects to a server to retrieve the products to deliver). Other useful tools are the delete selected button, which allow the deletion of multiple vendors at once, and the export button, which allow to export the data from the current view. Online Services : opens the MD Labs Online Services website, where the owner can interact with all the rezzed vendors. Vendor Region: the region where the vendor is rezzed in world (SL Marketplace Listings will always have Marketplace as region).

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vendre code promo

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There are a total of 4 different plugins available: Installing a plugin is very easy and quick: the owner will only have to drop the plugin script inside the vendor and the plugin will be automatically detected and initialized; a message sent on chat will notify. And links to user manuals; ADD ON MD Vendor System Online Services HUD.8 : this HUD allows the owner to register an account to MD Labs Online Services, a companion website where it is possible to organize, manage and interact with all the rezzed. The event feature is a very handy and useful way to keep track of the income made by participating at SL events, allowing to see the most profitable ones at a glance. MD Vendor System details Settings (1) MD Vendor System details Settings (2) Each setting can be toggled or edited and it will be applied directly to the vendor in-world upon pressing the Save changes button at the bottom of the page. Store credits for a specific store can be earned by purchasing products from the stores vendors having the store credit feature enabled. Discount in L: the discount associated to the promo code will be a certain amount in L; customers submitting the promo code during the payment process will obtain a discount of the products cost equal to the amount in L specified here.

This window accessible by the owner only presents two main choices: Owner Menu: allow the owner access the vendors owner menu described in chapter #3 to manage and configure the vendor; User Menu: allow the owner access the vendors user menu described above in this. Here are listed all the reasons why the script could use the debit permission: Split L: when this feature is enable, then a money transfer is required from the owners account to the splitters one. Update : this button starts the update module, which will look online for a new update of the product and if found deliver it to the owner. Left-clicking on the vendor will take the user to the User Menu (if normal user) or to the Choice Menu (if user is the vendors owner Right-clicking on the vendor and then selecting Menu from the drop down menu takes the users to the User. These features may not be useful to everyone all the times, but will allow the owner to setup more flexible and personal vendors. En effet, tout le monde commande aujourdhui sur le site internet et sur lapplication mobile Amazon, peu importe son milieu social. Below the store panel there is the graph panel: the data represented here will vary based on the current view selected. Cest un gage de confiance pour les utilisateurs.