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Entrer code promo galactic junk league

entrer code promo galactic junk league

jump to: navigation, search, when do I get access. If you want to stay informed about our latest giveaways just head over to Facebook and give the. Unfortunately, our space battle has come to an end and we sadly have to announce that the game will be deactivated in 90 days which also includes the option of contacting customer support.

entrer code promo galactic junk league

To fight and destroy, we use all necessary means from super advanced beam weapons to makeshift. Hello, ekipe Galactic Junk League. I'm going to ask what's going.with 90 days at the end of the game?

Bring up the menu and select Redeem code. The starter pack contains a premium ship, the Orion, 300 space credits, 3 days of premium account access and a bunch of match reward boosting items. How do I level up armour, weapons and modules? However, these kinds of decisions are sometimes inevitable, even in post-apocalyptic worlds. Once youve entered and got your key, youll need to follow these instructions to redeem: Download, galactic Junk League on Steam, once in-game, either log in or create an account.